91 Has not been upgrded

by tarjo45


by helen_inlampstandoflight

95 I have not received my payment

by Walmirjr007

96 Payment

by yasir101

97 Strange mail

by scaius

98 Framebreaker

by scaius

99 Limit Paypal

by ranmori

100 My Pending Payment

by mnkvti76

102 how to cashout ?

by lovewisher44

103 payment pending

by saqibamin97

104 Message not getting support

by davidtran

107Moved: Adding Payoneer as a payment option

by Dragonfly

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108 Ads not reset?

by yourbusinessptc

109 Site Issues

by harish

112 my referrals

by haha5lan

113 i can´t withdraw

by piterskaya

114 direct referrals is not updated?

by Nguyen Quoc Bao

115 can click ads?

by mtuppers

117 don't see tanks

by money1

120 Advertiser Panel

by PTCplayer