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Something is wrong can you tell me I take a free member 25% of the value of advertising.
Then why the hell tell me the advertising of $ 0.02
How should I take into account .
I watched eight ads and $ 0.02 in my account was reported less . Instead of my account be $ 0.02, there is $ 0.002 . There is something wrong you need to fix it.
View Ads earnings commission
Default    Premium    Ultimate
   25%        50%       100%

ads $0.02 for ultimate 100% = $0.02 for premium = $0.01 for default = $0.005

I view 8 ads x $0.02 = $0.08 25% for default = $0.02
And Why do I have to my account $0.002 instead $0,02

Re: Problem

Your earnings from viewing ads do not depend from your account type. This is only for follower commission. You have, probably, clicked GLANCE ads, 0.02 cents each. Note cents: 0.02 cents is not equal to $0.02, it is $0.0002

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Re: Problem

If possible, to return the money once again that the company paid to me by mistake and turned the money it again

Re: Problem

I sold the bank to demand payment if those who accept and refund