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hi admin
35 % fees that make us slaves not members !!!
or what ?

Re: 35 % fees

I suppose you're talking about paypal fees, i advice you to withdraw the higher amount of money from your heedyou account when you use paypal this way you will pay less "fixes" fees and as result you will have the most of your hard earned money in your account wink

Re: 35 % fees


We have no withdrawal fees, your payment processor, however, charges you for receiving a payment.

As you can see here, the biggest part of fee for small amounts, in both PayPal and Payza, is the fixed fee: … es-outside ($0.35) ($0.25)

If you save up and withdraw bigger amount, that results in fixed fee being a smaller relative part of a payment. You can also use Skrill, they do not have a fee for receiving payments at all.

Hope this has cleared things for you.

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