Topic: Winners of 3 x $15 on Purchase balance!

This week, advertising budgets of wojciechm, cvengr, and SdMrPTCworker grow by $15 each!
Congratulations, and thanks a lot for surfing!

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Re: Winners of 3 x $15 on Purchase balance!

I gave more than 111 thousand points and the winner was the one who gave about 60 thousand points???
Winning should be from the number of points and not from the draw. It's not fair to give almost twice as many points and not win. What's the point of giving a lot of points when you can't win

Re: Winners of 3 x $15 on Purchase balance!

I don't want to answer for your comments.....
I'm reported to Admin at least 3 times for the  incredible allocated points amount every 2-3 weeks from same members when i have got message that " enough for today, see you tomorrow" almost every day.....
So it is nearly impossible ( you are won $5 cash 2 weeks ago )

So my suggestion to Admin: delete the full lottery system and put this winnings to the surfing bonuses: it will be  the REALLY lottery.

Re: Winners of 3 x $15 on Purchase balance!

If you don't want to answer then why do you answer? What does it matter that I won two weeks ago? I gave a lot of points then I won.
Now I gave twice as much as what won and I lost.

It's not fair to give more and not win.
It's like if you play soccer you score a goal and your opponent doesn't score and you would win.
You give more-then you win. You give less-you lose.
When you are in a restaurant and pay more-do you give less?
Do you get more-because you paid more?

It's always been that way

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Change the rules Admin.

Congratulation to the winners.

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Re: Winners of 3 x $15 on Purchase balance!

1st of all:

and again Impossible amount of points is allocated from few members every 2-3 weeks. ( i have no proof, but possible cheating )

and again, it is not attack for u, just the system is bad.
Last week somebody won, just because they are bought lot of ads here.
( with few points )
Then it  is not lottery. Need to delete the whole system, and rebulld the all.

I hope everybody can understand what are you talking.
( I'm lost about 3 x 50k points also , when i think i will u win smile )

Re: Winners of 3 x $15 on Purchase balance!

I agree with megi11 . The system is opaque and it is unclear how the winner is chosen. Administrator, please explain the principle of determining the winner.