Topic: today 28/10/2021 cheat me

today 28/10/2021 surf bonus ads cheat me!
I do not did nothing wrong, but this message appear to me

You have clicked incorrect captcha picture too many times. Try again tomorrow.

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Re: today 28/10/2021 cheat me

i had same problem few times previously, site is very sensitive for double click or internet connection problem ( and then red background appear a while for show the invalid hits ).  I set my mouse double-click settings for the lowest, it is helped to me  a little.

Re: today 28/10/2021 cheat me

unfortunately it happened again
Today 2021/10/31

Re: today 28/10/2021 cheat me

Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known issue. To avoid it, only click the correct captcha once, even if there's no immediate reaction. This and some other issues with bonus ads will be fixed in near future.

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