Topic: This feature is much comfortable for the members

Hi! Admin,

I think, HeedYou should have such feature immediately & that is the: 'Keep Logged In' feature. I mean, whenever a member signs-in or enters into the site, he or she will kept logged in or entered inside the site for a long time or for several days or at-least for  48 Hours(2 Days). Because, logging in after every 30 minutes or several hours or very short time is very boring, disgusting & tedious work. Also, we the members do not like to login so frequently or several times in a day.

So, I think, you understood the problem & thereby allow us to logged in for several days or at least 48 hours a stretch.


Re: This feature is much comfortable for the members

The logins on HeedYou are already persistent and you can theoretically stay logged in for up to 2 months. However, the login session is locked to an IP address to protect your account from hackers, so when it changes, you have to re-login.

The only reason you are getting logged out that often is if you have an unstable internet connection that has to reconnect often and changes your IP address each time. If you're using mobile internet that's normal as your phone will usually disconnect when not actively using the internet to conserve battery.

I understand that the way things work now can be frustrating for people using the mobile internet or unstable connections. There are ways to make logins less dependent on the exact IP address, and rather on your ISP, but I wouldn't be comfortable doing that without locking certain website features behind a password, such as account settings, payouts, etc. The changes required are too complicated to implement within the current system, but I will consider adding them when a major upgrade comes.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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