Topic: I lost about $5

When I was working, I encountered a problem and went to request technical support, and when I sent a ticket, I found that my account had disappeared, including the funds

Re: I lost about $5

Re: I lost about $5

Just to clarify, your HeedYou account doesn't exist anymore? If so, that is highly unusual. Please let me know what the username was and I can restore it from the server backups.

As for the screenshots, unfortunately, our partners don't often provide the reason for rejection. If they do, our system will show it in a notification. Most of the time, they don't even know themselves, as they are middlemen too. It can be frustrating to not know what you did wrong, especially when a rejection comes a month later and you don't remember what it was about.

In my experience, the main reasons for rejection are inconsistent answers and duplicate completions. To avoid those, make sure to answer the same questions within one survey and across the different surveys in the same way. Also, if you ever see the same survey offered through another partner or even a different website, don't complete it again. Before they release the funds they will check for duplicates and reject one of them (or both).

Can be something else entirely, including a human error, or even a technical error. Could be that you've actually answered it perfectly, but their system saved your answers incorrectly. The sad thing is, there is no way to know.

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