Topic: Revenue Shares and Grid?

Hello Adm, Heedyou is one of the best project if not the best, I was thinking adding Revenue Shares and the Grid will make Heedyou a super project and will increase revenues for your site big time!                   
               Thank you Teamcash

Re: Revenue Shares and Grid?

Thank you for the suggestions!

We already have something functionally close to a grid - which is bonus ads. The outcome is the same, you have a chance to win a prize with each ad view. We might add other interfaces for that in the future - including the grid.

As for revenue share, I'm afraid, this is not something we will ever add. In all cases that I am aware of, this is just a thinly veiled ponzi scheme and will scam the investors sooner or later.

Re: Revenue Shares and Grid?

Thank you Adm!