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We’ve received a lot of (justified!) complaints about the way tasks and surveys work on HeedYou recently. We have heard you loud and clear. The entire system was completely rebuilt, with a goal to make it easier to understand, provide better feedback on success and failure and be more flexible with the credit delays for the newer or less successful users. Here are some of the biggest highlights:

No more Task balance

We have removed this unnecessary complication. Now tasks and surveys will credit directly to your Cash balance. You will no longer have to manually move those funds before you can make a withdrawal. This means, you will be able to notice that you got credited easier, and removing a minimum amount to the transfer barrier will also help those who only do tasks and surveys occasionally. Existing task balances have been automatically moved to the Cash balance.

Flexible Trust Score and wait time calculation

Our old delay calculations were too rough and didn’t work well. In many cases, users had to wait to get credited for too long, in some cases, actual verification happened after we have already released the funds. Now, the system has been adjusted to make sure that the tasks completed by new users are fully verified, but trusted users that have proven themselves, when they work through the trusted partners, still experience little to no delay. Trust score now also includes more factors, such as a history of logins via a VPN and other previous ToS violations. Wait times will depend on our experience with a particular partner, as well as your trust score. The pending tasks and surveys completed before the upgrade will be credited on the date they were originally scheduled to be released.

Partial credit

When a user has some experience with tasks and surveys, but doesn’t have a perfect trust score, whether it is due to being relatively new or making some mistakes, it is too risky to release the full reward immediately. However, those users have shown that they are trying to do honest work and it is unfair to delay the entire reward until the full verification date. In those cases, we will release a part of a reward, either immediately or after a preliminary check, and hold onto the rest until we receive a green light from the partners, as a sort of “insurance”.

Clarity and transparency

Since tasks and surveys often require a significant effort, it is perfectly understandable for you to worry about when the completion will be verified and when you are going to get paid. From now on, you can easily see an estimated wait time for the tasks and surveys done through a particular partner before you begin working on them. The page displaying the status of the completed tasks and surveys has been vastly improved, and now displays how and when you can expect to be paid, both in a textual and a visual way. We have also provided some helpful tips for the beginners and partner-specific instructions for what to do if your completion wasn’t counted.

Final thoughts

You may see your usual wait times and trust score change by a lot in either direction, that is perfectly normal. It is not a reflection on you and your performance - just a completely different way to calculate the number based on the same inputs. Our system will also be a little bit conservative with risk and waiting times at first, until it learns what kind of success rates it should expect from the different partners and particular tasks. But, as it adjusts, you will see the wait times go down, and most users will notice a vast reduction in delays compared to how it was before. As a bonus, the reworked system will allow us to add more partners, and we aim to expand the number of available tasks and surveys by a lot in the coming months.

Hope you like the changes! Let us know what you think and please report any problems you may encounter.

Best regards,

P.S. One of our oldest and most reliable partners - Adscend wants to celebrate the occasion by boosting all offer rewards by 25% for a week! Enjoy smile

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Great decision! Thanks admin!

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wise and awesome improvement