Topic: Please add 'AdAlert Extension'

Hi! Admin,

Now, the time has came to add an 'AdAlert Extension' of this very site( in famous/renowned/popular browsers; Likewise: Opera, Microsoft-Edge, Brave, Chrome etc. As a result, whenever any advertisement appears,  we(members) won't miss it & can click it. It is a very very effective & important extension for any PTC. Many famous & renowned PTC sites likewise: Neobux, Clixsense etc. uses this extension & therefore, their members don't miss a single ad!! For e.g.: Pic. of Neobux extension provided below(Green-mark enclosed):

So please Admin, build-up such an Ad-extension for HeedYou ASAP; so that, we don't miss any single ad ever.


Re: Please add 'AdAlert Extension'

Hello and thanks for a well prepared suggestion!
This requires quite a bit of work, and there are more important things to focus on at the moment. One day, we might create a browser extension with a similar functionality, but it will not happen soon, sorry.

Best regards,