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Hi! Admin,

I am a standard member at HeedYou.com & I have been clicking here regularly & seriously. I have also got payment several times; from this site. But recently I noticed that, I am not been provided any(single) INSPIRATION ad or DELIGHT ad; since more than a month!! Why is this Admin? Why the INSPIRATION ads or DELIGHT ads are unavailable? Also, recently I am provided with only 5(Five) ads daily; on average!! Why the number suddenly became so low? Because, at earlier times I used to get 15-20 ads daily.

Please Admin, immediately solve these problems & please provide me with more ads daily. I hope, you will take a look into this matter & take speedy actions.

Thx. & Regards,
U: Somvob01


I am sorry for the troubles you are facing, but please, understand that 100% of the ads you see are paid for by our advertisers, and you only see an ad when they choose to order it. While I am happy to say that amount of purchases is steadily growing, amount of active users is growing even faster, and the ads expire before new ones are ordered.

Any promos or other measures that we could do to help the problem would result in a lot of new members and the ads would deplete fast once again. And as for self sponsored ads - well, I will be blunt, we are not in the business of giving away free money.

I am sorry, we can't do anything to increase amount of ads. But I am sure that the situation will balance out, just like it did before. Either more advertisers will join in to benefit from increased activity, or amount of active members will drop off a little to match the amount of purchases. Supply and demand eventually match in any free market.

Hope that answers your concerns.

Best regards,