Topic: Upload your HeedYou payment proof and get up to $0.10!

When you get paid,
1) Take a screenshot of it (Print screen button)
It can be either "Payment details" from your PayPal, Payeer or Skrill account, or e-mail you get when you get paid.

2) Paste it in any editor, cut useless fields, like browser toolbar, Windows taskbar, etc

3) Hide Transaction ID and your e-mail to prevent scamming and spamming by people who don't have a life.
DO NOT hide our e-mail, sum of the payment or our notes.

4) Sign-up on our forum, if you haven't done it yet

5) Upload to
In the Image Resize field choose "Do not resize"

6) Create new topic for your payment proof. If you don't know how to title it, name it "My __th payment form HeedYou". You can insert an image as a link or embed it in your post by clicking on an image button above and inserting an image link between the tags.

If you do everything correctly you will get $0.05 in your account and our congratulations. wink

Please, allow up to one week to credit bonus to your account.

If you love HeedYou and have some spare time wink you can also post payment proof on the other websites where it is appropriate, for example:

When you're done, include direct links to your posts/topics into your payment proof topic on HeedYou.
You are going to get extra $0.01 for each one of them (5 websites max), making your maximum payment proof bonus $0.1