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Topic: Rate clicks-fx at web of trust

Hi admin,
What you think about rating your site at https://www.mywot.com/, may be you want to invite the users of Clicks-FX or make your own request at https://www.mywot.com/en/forum/5
I think that this is a good way to earn reputation on the web and built a community around Clicks-FX.

Clicks-FX scorecard: https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/clicks-fx.com

Thank you

Re: Rate clicks-fx at web of trust

Thank you for this suggestion, we are definitely going to make a request.
This can really bring many new people to Clicks-FX!
Thank you very much again!

Re: Rate clicks-fx at web of trust

My WOT account was unblocked after support ticket sent.  ¬¬, they made a mistake (banning my account).
There's my comment.

Re: Rate clicks-fx at web of trust

Thank you for the comment, something is really strange with the WOT. After what I've seen I don't trust their ratings anymore. There is no way to find out the truth about any website but to check it carefully for yourself.