Topic: Short term hold on PayPal payouts

Hi everyone,
Today I will not make PayPal payouts. There is a potentially serious issue with payouts from yesterday, many of them (more than half) are missing from our PayPal history and people are reporting that they didn't receive payout, despite money being deduced from the account. So far, it's not clear if issue is just with history and emails or money itself was lost along the way.

I will contact them tomorrow and try to sort out the issue, until then, payouts will not be sent to avoid more problems.

Meanwhile, I will investigate if this problem was only occurring yesterday. If your payout is marked completed, but you didn't receive it, please, send us a message about this via contact form.

UPDATE: I can see all yesterday's payouts in a classic history view (old design). If you are missing a payment, check there and contact us to tell if it's there or not.

UPDATE 2: Got a reply from PayPal, they've confirmed that it is a bug in their system and claim that payments were, actually, processed, but are missing from their history. They are working on it and missing history entries should be visible again soon. If you were affected, open your transaction history, switch to old design, and check if a payment is there.

UPDATE 3: Looks like this is a global issue that it is affecting thousands of PayPal accounts. Since it is just on the surface and money is, actually, arriving, we've sent out all pending payments and will resume a normal, once a day, schedule. Once again, check the classic history view in your PayPal account if you think that a payment is missing.

Re: Short term hold on PayPal payouts

UPDATE 4: Issue is still ongoing and some people report that they don't see payment even after switching to Classic view. If a status of your payment is "confirmed", but there are no signs of it ever arriving, it means that you are affected. In such case, please, contact us and let us know. PayPal are fixing these payments one by one.