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Topic: PayZa upgrade

Dear Admin,

Today i log in to Clicks-fx to upgrade my account, but i cant stick the line : Use my PZ E-wallet ( the picture below), have u off something with PZ? My PZ account is verified.


Thank you for reading
Best Regards,

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Re: PayZa upgrade

Admin, where are u, i want to upgrade my account, i want to give my money to you... where are you ??

BTW, Happy new Year ! ^^

Re: PayZa upgrade

I think admin is preparing for the New Year )))))

а little patience )))

Re: PayZa upgrade

Sorry for late response.
It seems like a bug or some country limitation, as all payments are accepted, even from unverified.
We are going to contact Payza and see, what they will say.
Sorry for this!

Re: PayZa upgrade

Payza said, that you should try another browser, and, if problem persists, contact them directly.

Re: PayZa upgrade

I have try both Google Chrome and Fire Fox , but seem like it not working.

Or we can do this way. Tell me your PZ email, i will send directly into your PZ account ??

If you think it ok, inbox me your PZ email ? And check my PZ email in my setting.

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Re: PayZa upgrade

Hihi ! Im done now, please check it admin hehe


Re: PayZa upgrade

Thanks for upgrading your account!
Sorry for all these troubles...