Topic: Withdraw payment problem

Please solve the problem for him or interpreted

I'm on a support site with all my best and in solving the problems of registered beneath me

Be sure to clarify or resolve the problem

The problem is not me

This account friend

Re: Withdraw payment problem

What happend with you dear....

Is you read the account balance is NEGATIVE BALANCE, that means this account owner is clicking how a crazy the ANTICHEAT-LINK.....
Please don't complaint is you don't undertand what's happening.... READ THE RULES, READ THE NEWS and be sure before start this threads.

Thank you for you understanding

Re: Withdraw payment problem

Thank you

This problem does not concerns, but as belonging to a friend

And I did not see (-)

Accept greetings

Re: Withdraw payment problem

Be carefully, as paol4_ sad he clicked ANTICHEAT-LINK. It is our weekly camрaign, we are doing this to improve advertising quality!
To read more about this subject you can here

masterwael wrote:

And I did not see (-)

Here is your (-)

Re: Withdraw payment problem

Can I ask payout FROM your friend? I believe, our anti-cheat link has successfully reached minimum payout value. smile
Seriously, though, is it so hard to look at the ad you are clicking and read, at least, one line of big red text inside?

Re: Withdraw payment problem

LOL sometimes I can't believe to my eyes big_smile