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Topic: Downline/Referral and Forum Stats

Good day Admin,

As I mentioned in my recent post in the 'Your Stats' section here are some of my questions/suggestions.

1. Forum:

Is there any possibility to include the number of referrals and total earnings to appear in the poster's profile on the left hand side menu? For me, it is somewhat encouraging to see posters' achievements.

2. Member's Account - Referral System Section:

Can you include the referring website?
I want to know where they came from and also by this way one can determine where to concentrate his advertising campaigns which I think is helpful especially to those who are doing paid ones.

Thanks for your time.

Re: Downline/Referral and Forum Stats

1. This feature requires deep integration of forum script with the main website. This will also mean, that there will be no need to join or login to forum separately. We are planning to do this in the future but you shouldn't expect this soon, because now we are focused on developing of other features.

2. We will look into it and check, whether is possible or not.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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Re: Downline/Referral and Forum Stats

Have a good day, my dear admin ^^

I have about 20 refs but i don't know how much they earned for me.

Because my downline commission is 50%:

+My earning = ref balance * 50%
( Ref balance is the balance that i see in the "Referral System" section.)
sorry for my poor english, but i dont know how to explain exactly my question... Hope u understand what im talking about kekeke

Re: Downline/Referral and Forum Stats

Yes, if your referral himself does not have any referrals, then his balance is double of what he has earned you.
We are going to add more detailed statistics in the future so it will be easier to track your referrals. For now,  multiplying referral's account balance with your downline comission is the only way. If you have any questions or doubts about your referrals you can contact us.

Re: Downline/Referral and Forum Stats

ah, I got it !!

Hope you going to add more detailed statiscs soon, and one more thing, i have some ref inactive (dont understand why they reg under my link, but didnt click any ads) and i dont want to see them again, how can i delete them...  Could you add the delete button in the future ??