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Topic: Why suddenly it raised?

H! Admin,

I wanted to know that, why the minimum cashout amount via Skrill, raised suddenly from $1.00 USD to $5.00 USD? & why there's a fixed $0.60 USD fee?

U.: Somvob1

Re: Why suddenly it raised?

Hi Somvob1,
Skrill has fixed fees regardless the amount of cashout, whether it is $1 or $50 you'll pay $0.60
Just look at the percentage of fees you're paying in two cases of amount :
- with $1 cashout you pay $0.60 / 60% fee "just think of it, you're wasting more than a half of your work"
- with $5 cashout you pay $0.60 / 12% fee at once.
That means that in case of total amount of $5 by $1 cashout every time you're paying $0.60 * 5 = $3.
I let you think of it !!