Topic: Please don't use data recording extension

Hi everyone

It seems like that something unusual has happened and I would like to inform everyone so this mistake is avoided. There are extensions that can record your data usage and can inform you how much internet is used to make sure that we're using limited data in proper time.

I downloaded Google's official data usage extension to check the usage. It was working great because I was thinking to switch from my landline internet to wireless internet with limited data to reduce internet costs. Then I decided to check how much megabytes are being used for clicking advertisements.

Once I did that, an error was given to me after clicking the ad. I was shocked because it never happened before. But it did happen. I thought it would be an error probably nothing serious just refresh page, did that and it happened again. I did it several times and same thing was given. I thought it might an error on the website so I decided to click ads at other websites but same result was given there as well.

I was worried whats happening so I decided to clean all my cookies, caches, delete history and disable newly downloaded extension, after that all ads were clicked and everything was fine. I thought my cookies were infected by some virus or something so I continued. Later on a different site, admin contacted me and a debate happened which I finally then figured out that what was the issue.

It appears to be that even the official google's extension was first sending my data to Google servers and then from there data was compressed and sent back to me. This is how the data recording was being done and because of first sending data to a different server, automatic cheat detector considered this as using VPN. So you see indirectly, I was using a VPN which was hidden and being used passively at background. This caused problems crying

I've sent support all the details and everything about this incident. Now I don't know what will happen next but I decided to post this at forums so that everyone can know about it and it doesn't happen with others ever again.

Thank you for reading

Good luck everyone