Topic: I can't view ads!!

Hi! Admin,

I am a standard member at & viewing ads here; in this site. Suddenly, I've fallen into a new problem. I can't see the ads of 'INSPIRATION' & 'DELIGHT' Categories; in the ads page. Whenever, I click on an Inspiration or Delight ad, there appears a message; saying:"Problem detected
Flash is required to see this advertisement" & I can't view the ad/s.

I need immediate help. Can you please provide me the exact link, from where I can download that very Flash, which will allow me to view the Inspiration & Delight ads?

If you do it, I'll be grateful to you.

My username is: Somvob01.

Re: I can't view ads!!

I also have this problem and I installed a new flash but there is no change!

Re: I can't view ads!!

You need to allow your browser to run Flash
you can do it on Setting, Privacy and security, Content settings, Flash.