Topic: DELIGHT ads

I have this problem since a long time ago. When I click on any Delight or Inspiration ad (they are very rare for me!!!) I take this message:
"Problem detected
Flash is required to see this advertisement

Enable Shockwave Flash in your browser and refresh to continue
Download and install Aboble Flash plugin and refresh to continue
Use flash-enabled device"

I have checked my browser and Flash is activated. What else I can do? Why this problem? In the past I had no problem with this kind of ads.

Thanks in advance for answering.


I am sorry for the inconvenience. Even if Flash is installed, you may need to manually enable it for each website. Look for the extension icon near your URL bar next time. I am planning to remove this requirement since Flash is, by now, an old and deprecated technology, but meanwhile you can try this.

Best regards,


Thank you for answering. I will try what you propose. It would be nice to remove due to great inconvenience.