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Hello admin !

I think it would be a great ideea to make some new opportunities for use of points earned.For example to can exhange points for some advertisments.It is not necesary to earn money for clicking those ads ; more recomended is to earn other points back. This way it would not debalance the site financial plan. After all, all that is desired in this case is just an opportunity to promote our personal pages.Also you can decide a profitable rate for clicks-fx in managing points like take one point for an adv and reward with 0.X points for clicking it. X is for you to decide how much it is (a good rate is between 0.6-0.8).

Have a nice day !

Re: Just an ideea

This, actually, is great idea!
I am putting it in my ToDo list wink
Thank you for the suggestion, leave us more if you have!

Re: Just an ideea

Well I`m glad you like it ! I wish you all the best !