Topic: advertising


Currently the most cheaper ad campaing costs 1$ /1000views in category 0.0005$

there was even cheaper early times in clicks.fx and when began of heedyou.  maybe 0.0002$ values ads .
would be good if available again this category on cheaper prices for 1000 views...

Re: advertising


The reason we have increased the prices and rewards from the GLANCE ads is that not enough people were willing to click such cheap ads. It was bad for everyone - advertisers were not getting enough views in quantity and diversity (Same few hundred people were just clicking them again and again), and members were not happy with the rewards and most were leaving right after joining HeedYou.

Increasing the prices and rewards has really paid off in a long run, since we did it 1 year ago, purchases have been growing every month and amount of active users has quadrupled.

We did drop prices once in a while to get new advertisers, etc, but even at higher price there is a demand. Recently the amount of active members has been growing much faster than advertising, so it has depleted a little bit, but I think it, will balance out eventually. Overall, we have a good thing going and no reasons to turn it all around.

Thanks for a suggestion anyway.

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