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Hello there...
This is my suggestion: please add Bitcoin as payment Method if possible, that's all thank you...

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Sorry, we don't plan to add it any time soon. It is too unstable.

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Thats what the Admin from LexAds also said and a week after that he did put BitCoins up.
There are allready maid API and systems that change it automaticly in to $ after the user has bought something in BTC.

Even if your not doing it right now, please keep it in mind and think about it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We could use third party services, but there's usually a problem with high upload/withdrawal fees.

Since the sources of income and payout methods don't match up very well for us, I can't imagine how this could go right. Until there's an independent source of income in BTC, like a new offerwall that pays in BTC, I'm afraid, we will not move forward in this direction.